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Kim Mance is a journalist, writer and blogger for publications like Condé Nast Traveler, and Marie Claire. She co-hosted Travel Channel’s Destination Showdown, and hosts Dream it. Book it. Do it! for Comcast on-demand.

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I'm editor-in-chief of Galavanting, an online women's travel magazine. I'm also a freelance writer on topics from politics, to parenting, to freethought. 

Oh, and I've got five great kids; three of my own, and two who came with the love of my life.


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A Selection of Published Articles


Travel :::

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Parenting/Family :::

Free Ride: He Had Cancer. How Could I Punish Him?

Reform School: How "No Child Left Behind" Ruined American Education


Politics / Society :::

Teacher's Pop-Up Porn Nightmare Ends, Sort Of
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McCain & Veterans...So Just What Has He Done About Walter Reed?
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Health Care Primer

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